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   Thiourea and lead acetate is a chemical plating commonly used stabilizers, Minjer CH and other applications related patents, followed by Lin KL, etc., Cheong WJ et and Xu H, respectively, were studied thiourea and lead acetate as a stabilizer is added to the chemical bath in the starting work

With, we found thiourea compound formed by complexing metal ions with a certain stability and exert its stabilizing effect, changing the concentration of thiourea can accelerate or slow down the rate of plating. Using radiochemical methods Sallo JS et proves the point

    Thiourea used in the plating

    HannaF found that thiourea can play a role in stabilizing the electroless copper plating solution, and can make the coating more dense, smooth and corrosion-resistant. BaskaranI and so on through the influence of thiourea Ni-P alloy electroless deposition found that thiourea concentration is less than 1

mg / L, the ion plating deposition rate can be improved. When thiourea concentrations greater than 1 mg / L, since the thiourea also in plating deposited on the surface, so that the coating produce toxic effects.

    kepinghan other studies have shown thiourea concentrations greater than 3 mg / L, the Ni deposition rate can be reduced and the amount of precipitation H2; the thiourea oxidation by H2 P04- and inhibit electroless Ni reaction; and elemental sulfur will Inclusion in the coating. When sulfur

Urea concentration from 3 mg / L gradually increased 9mg L, Ni deposition rate is significantly reduced /; when the thiourea concentrations exceed 9mg / L, Ni deposition rate close to zero. Keping H and other studies of thiourea solution for electroless Ni potential impact of shifting values and found that the potential shift value with thiourea

Added gradually increases, increase the value of the potential shift of the metal surface autocatalytic capability has been greatly weakened, preventing react; they made it clear that thiourea concentrations greater than 3 mg / L when Ni deposition has a very big impediment. HanK P and other research also permit

Clear view.

    zhiganglei research thiourea, cadmium, sodium thiosulfate and potassium iodide four kinds of stabilizers on Ni plating solution and corrosion resistance. The results show that the deposition rate when using thiourea as a stabilizer fastest up 21ym / h; the obtained coating KI

The best corrosion resistance; stability of the bath containing cadmium best.

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