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     Shandong Efirm Biochemistry and Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd. was founded in January,2011.Efirm company is located in Boxing Economic Development Zone, Binzhou City, Shandong China. With the comprehensive risk control management as premise, with safety, environmental protection and quality management as basis, with the standardized management as means, relying on the construction of person-post fitting human resource management system, with building modern industrial information system as guarantee and with building sustained profitability, green business platform as our mission, Efirm company will become the most responsible and excellent high-tech environmental protection enterprise.

     Now Efirm company has the Thiourea device with 20,000 MTs annual output, the Sodium Hydrosulfide device with 120,000 MTs annual output, the Cyanamide device with 10,000 MTs annual output, the CO2 device with 30, 000MTs annual output, the Hydrogen device with 240 million Standard Cubic Feets annual output, the Sulfuric acid device with 60,000Mts annual output and the Petroleum additives device with 50,000MTs annual output. 

     The company has always taken enhancing the brand influence as support, taken improving achievement as core, taken environmental protection through rational utilization of resources as the main line, taken energy efficiency improvement and innovation management as emphasis and taken sulfur chemistry, carbon chemistry, high efficiency and environmental protection additives, comprehensive utilization of resources as main development direction. The company is the largest Thiourea manufacturer in the world and the largest manufacturer of high-end Sodium Hydrosulfide products in Asia, with products sold to more than ten countries and regions in Europe, American and Asia. Our brand “YI HE” Thiourea is the unique provincial famous brand product in the industry. The company is committed to build a fiduciary and harmonious enterprise and to build a demonstration enterprise of recycling economy. Our industrial structure continues to “shift, transfer and innovate”. Our products adhere to the “special, precision and advanced” line. We have completed the extension of oil refining downstream chemical and material industry chain. Sulfur chemistry, carbon chemistry, high efficiency and environmental protection additives, comprehensive utilization of resources are taken as “four-in-one” petrochemical enterprises resource. We have become excellent petrochemical solutions provider to maximize the value of petrochemical enterprises resource.

Address:Boxing Economic Development Zone,Binzhou City,Shangdong Province,China TEL:+86-543-2511789 18954315813 Fax:+86-543-2511296-291
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